What is MORI LIVING Smiles?

Smiles Box

“MORI LIVING Smiles” is an exclusive program for MORI LIVING Residents, offering such special benefits as discounts or special services, etc., at various establishments in Roppongi Hills, Omotesando Hills, VenusFort, and other places. Please see the MORI LIVING Smiles Box for details.

> How to use MORI LIVING Smiles

  • The beneficiaries of this program are registered residents of MORI LIVING Residences listed in the MORI LIVING Smiles Quick Start Guide, whose ages are 12 years and over.
  • Customers who are leasing or purchasing a residence from Mori Building Co., Ltd. are eligible.

Contents for Residents-only Benefits Program MORI LIVING “Smiles”

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If you apply for MORI LIVING Smiles, you will also be eligible to use the HillsBenefits which are offered at approximately 330 restaurants and shops.
You can search for participating locations as well as details of benefits from the HillsBenefits website.

> How to use HillsBenefits

HillsBenefits website

How to use MORI LIVING Smiles and HillsBenefits

Receive the latest MORI LIVING Smiles sticker and your benefit sticker after applying, by following the steps shown in the MORI LIVING Smiles Quick Start Guide.
At participating facilities, shops and restaurants, you will receive various benefits if you present your HILLS CARD with both a “MORI LIVING Smiles Sticker” and a “Benefit Sticker” affixed.

  • ※ Please note that requirements for receiving benefits differ for each facility, shop or restaurant: a phone reservation may be required and timing of presenting your sticker (e.g. when ordering or when paying) may be different.


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